The Related Speaker Series: Cooking on Summer’s Eve with The Culinistas

For our latest event, residents enjoyed a demo and tasting.

Those who like to make food and those who like to eat food gathered right before the first day of summer at 456 Washington St. for a special food tasting and demonstration with The Culinistas.

Kristina Preka of the Culinistas

Guests were treated to a bright and refreshing Paloma when they arrived made with Reposado tequila, agave nectar, and citrus, and feasted on some delicious California dip and crudité, made with pumpkin seed, lemon, oregano, dill and vegetables.

The menu

The Culinista’s culinary director Kristina Preka, then demonstrated how to make a Charred Yellow Squash Gemelli, with fresh vegetables from the Union Square Farmer’s Market that had been nicely grilled. After hungrily watching the demonstration, guests then enjoyed the pasta, as well as a supremely tasty dish of confetti shrimp with pumpkin seeds, lemon, oregano, dill and vegetables. Finally, for dessert, the BBQ theme continued with grilled stone fruits.

All in all, the evening was a cheerful, healthy and – most of all – delicious way to welcome summer.

Guests at the event

Charred Yellow Squash Gemelli

The Confetti Shrimp

The Stone Fruit Salad

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