The Shed Is Open: Here’s What to Expect

A preview of what shows are coming up in the first few months

With performances slated by some of the biggest names in the entertainment and art world, the Shed promises to become another world-class cultural institution on par with Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Obviously, a lot of eyes are on the opening and what shows to expect, and we can tell you, you won’t be disappointed. Below, check out the schedule for shows and events for the first three months.



The Shed Soundtrack of America

Soundtrack of America: The Shed opens with a bang, enacting a five-night concert series celebrating African American music. Directed by the Oscar-Winning director of “12 Years a Slave” Steve McQueen, with Quincy Jones acting as musical director, the series features performances by mostly up-and-coming artists of many different musical styles, from spirituals and blues to hip hop and trap. April 5-14. 

The Shed Norma Jeane Baker of Troy
Renée Fleming and Ben Whishaw in “Norma Jeane Baker of Troy”

Norma Jeane Baker of Troy: Renée Fleming and Ben Whishaw star in this powerful production of Anne Carson’s “Norma Jeane Baker of Troy.” The musical performance explores the life of Marilyn Monroe, as told through the story of Helen of Troy; Whishaw plays a man infatuated by Monroe who loves dressing up like her, while Fleming will wow everyone with special musical performances. April 6 – 19. 

The Shed Reich Richter Pärt
Reich Richter Pärt

Reich Richter Pärt: Described as “an immersive live performance and exhibition exploring the shared language of visual art and music,” Reich Richter Pärt is actually two performances; one from composer Steve Reich and painter Gerhard Richter, and the other from Richter and composer Arvo Pärt. Experience an abstract film while listening to the pieces, which were designed to complement each other. April 6 – June 2, 2019. 

The Shed Bjork's "Cornucopia"
Bjork’s “Cornucopia”

Björk’s Cornucopia: Not much has been released about this mysterious production except that it is going to be Björk’s “most elaborate staged concert to date.” Considering who the artist is, that’s setting expectations pretty high, and indeed, tickets for the eight performances have already sold out. May 6 – June 1. 

The Shed

POWERPLAY: An original production for the Shed, Powerplay is a play that examines the power and place of the individual in collective action through hip hop, spoken word and moving images. May 18 – 19. 

Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise: Described as a “futuristic kung fu musical,” “Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” is making its world debut at the Shed. Written by Chen Shi-Zheng and “Kung Fu Panda” screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, the immersive musical is a magical realism tale with songs by Sia and choreography by Akram Khan.


Trisha Donnelly’s “No Title” 2018

Trisha Donnelly: The Shed is featuring new and commissioned work from established and trailblazing artists like Trisha Donnelly who is staging her latest video installation “No Title” 2018. Tickets are timed for entry, but you can stay and admire the work as long as you like.  Work on view through May 30.

Open CallOver 900 artists applied to be featured in the Shed’s “Open Call” series, which will display works from 52 artists working across all mediums, who have never received support from a large cultural institution. The works will be on display throughout the Shed’s spaces. The works will be free to view. Program starts May 1. 

Beatriz Gonzalez’ “Auras Anónimas”

Beatriz González: A Documentary: Commissioned by the Shed, this documentary on the efforts to remove a poignant public artwork in Bogota, Colombia will be making its world premiere on June 19. The film focuses on artist Beatriz Gonzalez’ massive artwork “Auras Anónimas,” which features an installation of 8,957 tombstones of those who died during Colombia’s Civil War. Now, Bogota’s city government is trying to destroy the work, and this film chronicles her efforts to save it. June 19 – 25. 

Oscar Murillo, “For the souls of the rotten mighty,” 2016

Tony Cokes and Oscar MurilloThe two contemporary artists will exhibit new works – commissioned by the Shed –focusing on the theme of art and the politics of space together.  Not only will the works be in conversation together, but the artists will as well; this exhibit will include a program of performances, talks and events. June 19 – August 25. 


“Arts and Civil Disobedience”

Art and Civil Disobedience with Boots RileyPoet, rapper and activist Boots Riley will be staging the world premiere of his lecture on protest and resistance poetry. May 10. 


DIS OBEYThis free literary program is for participants aged 16 to 19 to explore expressing protest through creative work, with workshops led by highly acclaimed artists and writers. Ongoing. 

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