Live Your Best Life This Fall with Our Ultimate Refresh

Spring is often labeled as the season of renewal, but in our opinion, Fall is actually the best season to do a comprehensive refresh of your life. After all, you're well-rested post-summer and ready to hunker down for the next few months before the holidays come. To help you get the most out of your fall this season, we spoke to our expert partners for tips on how to refresh your closet, your wardrobe, your brain (or your child's brain) and even your stomach.


Your Closet


Nothing makes you feel better about starting a new season than shedding all those old clothes and accessories you don't wear anymore. We spoke to California Closets to get their tips on how to give yourself the gift of a clean wardrobe.

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A closet designed by California Closets

"Because Fall is a transitional season, it's a great time to evaluate the items in your closet and figure out what you are wearing and what you aren't. That dress you didn't wear all summer – is it better with tights and boots? Or do you just not love it? Now is the time to make decisions like that as you begin to swap out your summer clothes for your and winter ones. Do some research to find a charity whose mission you support that takes clothing donations, and plan to bring them any items from your reject list. The same goes for household items like pots, pans, dishes and even furniture. If you need help deciding what to keep and what to donate – or just how to organize what you do want to keep – then it's probably time to call in an expert organizer."– Maria Castro, Designer at California Closets 

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Your Wardrobe


Because after you get rid of all those clothes, you're going to want to buy some more. We spoke to Neiman Marcus about what trends and styles they're seeing this Fall.

Neiman Marcus, clothes from Neiman Marcus, Fall clothes, fall trends, neiman marcus trends

“We love styling neutral camel with crisp white, accessorizing with a great shoe and bag that really pull together the look. We’re also looking at new proportions in pants, realizing that the waist really defines the choice of top. A feminine spin on suiting paired with a great shoe and earring really brings the look together. We also love mixing an amazing animal print item with a textured accessory. And, of course, pairing a great cocktail outfit with a new bootie is a stellar way to walk into any event. We’re focused on styling, showing customers how to pull these pieces all together into a look.” – Lisa Kazor, SVP and General Merchandising Manager, Women’s Apparel, Neiman Marcus


Your (Child's) Brain


Fall is not necessarily a happy time for students. For high school students in particular, Fall means cracking down and getting serious about your college applications. We spoke to top college advisor Christopher Rim of Command Education to get his advice on how students should be preparing themselves for college applications.

Christopher Rim, Command Education, Command Education Christopher Rim

"First, you want to make sure your grades are on an upward trajectory. If you got some Bs last year, it's better to make sure this year is all As. That being said, you should still challenge yourself by taking more rigorous classes; an A- in an AP class is better than a A+ in a less challenging class. If you are taking the SATs or ACTs this year, you should start practicing about six to eight months before you plan to take the test. These tests are all about stamina, so you have to practice it for months to really get the score that you want. As far as extracurriculars are concerned, find activities in your school and community that you are truly passionate about. Don't pick activities just because you think it will impress schools – admissions officers see right through that. Probably one of the most common questions I get from parents in Manhattan is about whether students should go abroad to volunteer in Africa or South America, or volunteer in your community. My advice is to stay in your own community so you can see the impact that you're making. Colleges don’t necessarily want to see what you’re doing halfway across the world. They would prefer to see what you do in your own backyard and how you are a force for change here." – Christopher Rim, founder and CEO of Command Education


Your Stomach


Fall can be a tricky time for food; too warm for simple salads, but too cold for a hearty stew or soup.  We spoke to the culinary head of Estiatorio Milos in Hudson Yards to get his favorite new fall dish; the Athenian Style Lobster Pasta.

Estiatorio Milos, Milos Lobster, Lobster at Milos, Lobster and Pasta

The Athenian Style Lobster Pasta

“The sweet and buttery lobster help us say goodbye to summer, and welcome fall with open ‘claws.' The pasta is tossed in a bisque that mimics the beautiful red and orange hues of fall with smooth, rich flavors and meaty bites. The perfect warm dish that encompasses what Milos is all about – fresh and simply cooked seafood.” – Chef Floyd Cardoz, Vice President of Culinary at Milos

And, of course, no meal would be complete without an incredible wine to go with it. Dimitris Zafeiropoulos, head sommelier of Milos, recommends pairing the lobster pasta with a Mandilaria Venetsanos Santorini wine. "The wine shows red berries on the nose and with its full flavor balanced between earth and fruit notes can match with the lobster pasta sauce," he says. "Its tannins are present but smooth effectively counteracting the rich buttery lobster."

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