A Housewarming Gift Guide For Design Lovers

Not all housewarming gifts are created equal. Some gifts can breathe new life into a fresh space and elevate the style of any room. These are our favorite gifts that are sure to be appreciated by lovers of interior design.

The next time you’re invited to a housewarming party, don’t reach for something typical and expected. Gift your host something surprising, creative, and stylish. A good rule of thumb to shop by: buy them something you yourself would use. This is a round-up of our favorite pieces that make wonderful gifts and will be appreciated especially by your design-loving friends.

For industrial design lovers

Pour-over coffee is seeing a surge in popularity. This brewing style produces a very different result from a french press or a traditional coffee maker and is popping up at cafes everywhere. Cut out the barista and give this thoughtful gift to a lover of coffee – and of design. Shop it here.

Functional and stylish, these glass jars are easily the most chic way to display spices in your kitchen. The metal lids are magnets that can be arranged in any display on metal surfaces, (like in contrast to the blunt functionality of your fridge door!) and keep your spices close at hand. Shop it here.

For modern design lovers

Elevate your shower curtain game with this stunning piece curated after the Marfa sky. Peach, pale blue, and grey to represent the natural elements of West Texas. Therefore, bring that pleasant, calming atmosphere into the bathroom and satisfy your love of modern design. Shop it here.

Sustainably-forested cherry wood is sculpted into this mathematically perfect yearly calendar. Make your desk a little more dapper by using this in your home office or as a paperweight. But be warned: this innovative gift may increase productivity as a result. Shop it here.

For minimalism design lovers

This solid brass corkscrew makes a beautiful housewarming gift paired with a bottle of great wine. Scott Campbell, a tattoo artist, etched designs that depict the focus and determination to cultivate creativity. This inspiring accessory is an essential tool for your home bar. Shop it here.

Coffee grounds deserve style, too. So does your salt and pepper, sugar bowl, and anything else you can think of to elevate with these handcrafted wooden scoops. Made in the Yucatan with Tzalam wood, these geometric accessories will certainly add a dash of luxury to the most basic daily ritual. Shop it here.

For mid-century modern design lovers

This retro gilded tray will elevate the simplest happy hour or nightcap and therefore will quickly become a go-to piece in any home. If your host is a fan of mid-century modern, this is the gift for them. Classy and harkening back to another era, this will be something they reach for again and again. Shop it here.

These retro vases can be encased in amber, teal, white, and smoke. They’re interesting and unexpected, and because of that, you’ll want them in every color. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers and you have the perfect, simple housewarming gift. Shop it here.

For more design secrets and style tips, check out 14 Chic Ways To Trim Your Decorating Budget and give your space a face lift without forking over the cash. Share with us your favorite housewarming gifts and your interior design favorites by tagging us in your photos on social media!

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