With Hello Alfred Partnership, Related Seeks To Make Time The Hottest New Amenity In Luxury Housing

Hello Alfred and Related Introduce “Life Simplified” Bringing New Custom Technology and Exclusive In-Home Services to the Related Rentals National Portfolio.

Via Forbes

Brian Jeffords spends 120 nights a year away from his Manhattan apartment. His work as a cyber-security consultant pulls him away, but when Jeffords finally returns home there are always fresh flowers on the coffee table, newly dry cleaned shirts hanging in his closet (plastic removed) and, if he chooses, his favorite foods in the fridge. “In my life convenience is so important,” he says.

This busy professional’s dream of freedom from nagging household chores is thanks to an unlikely ally—his landlord.

Jeffords rents a studio at MiMA, an apartment tower in midtown Manhattan owned by Related Companies, the mega-developer behind Hudson Yards and a portfolio of over 67,000 apartments. Today Related will announce that it has partnered with startup Hello Alfred to provide on-demand butler services for residents living in its 11,000 luxury rental units.

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