The Insider’s Guide to the Hamptons

Plan a final summer weekend to remember with Tribeca Green resident Peter Pierce’s guide to the Hamptons. Read on to learn how this stunning region influences this foodie’s small business, and how you can save 20% on all Hamptons Salt!

What’s your connection with the Hamptons?

When I first started going to the Hamptons in the 90s, like most young adults, I stayed in a big share house. My love for the Hamptons grew each year. We eventually purchased a home in Southampton Village.

What do you love about the Hamptons? How often do you go to there? What keeps you coming back?

I love the natural beauty of the shoreline. The beaches and the light on the East End are unmatched. As you spend more time spend there, you learn that the Hamptons is also about great food, produce, shopping and friends. It is the kind of place that you never get enough of, and is just as enjoyable all year round. My favorite month is actually September, as it is still warm and the most of the crowds have departed.

Baron's Cove

What are your favorite things to do in the Hamptons? Can you recommend any favorite restaurants?

My favorite things are a walk on the beach, a bike ride through the village, gelato at Sant Ambroeus, and window-shopping through the Village. I always make a stop at Mecox Gardens & Marders for great home & garden inspiration. I love Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor, I could eat Chef Matty Boudreau’s food everyday. They serve the Cove Chiller, a watermelon cocktail with some Hamptons Salt!

Any tips on bringing the Related Life to the Hamptons?

The Related Life and the Hamptons Life are pretty similar! They both revolve around great real estate in great locations, with easy access to the finest restaurants, fitness, shopping, and services. When I’m in the Hamptons, I miss just calling the front desk when I need something or when something breaks!

Tell us about your company. Why did you decide to start the Hamptons Salt Company?

Like most people, I wasn’t aware that most salt is refined, stripped of all natural minerals and then iodine and potentially unhealthy anti-caking agents were added. I didn’t feel like anyone was explaining that to consumers, and that is why I started Hamptons Salt Company.

Daily Chef collection

What do you hope to achieve with your business?

Salt is actually unique, with different flavor profiles, crystal sizes and textures depending on where it comes from and how it is made. I hope people realize that salt is not simply a generic product supplied by the big chemical companies.

What’s the story behind the name?

When I first started going to the Hamptons, the natural beauty of the beaches and ocean struck me. I think Hamptons Salt reflects a healthy lifestyle, and someday I hope we’ll grow big enough to have a village salt shop!

How do the Hamptons influence your business?

Our success in the Hamptons has really shaped the business. We have been welcomed by all the best farm stands, retail stores, chefs/restaurants and the media. This has allowed us to grow from the only Internet sales into wholesale throughout the Hamptons and now we are expanding beyond the local market. With so many trend setters in the Hamptons positively responding to our products, it gives us encouragement for the future growth of our business into other markets.

What are your future plans for the company?

Our focus is on expanding our wholesale business into more markets, and continuing our social media growth so customers can see inspiration on how to use our salts. I love when customers share pictures of food they created with our products on social media! We are creating a community of foodies that like to share photos and recipes.

Are there any brick-and-mortar stores where we can find your product?

Yes, we have lots of retail partners that offer our products in the Hamptons and beyond. There is a retail tab on our website that will show you the closest stores based on your zip code. Most stores carry some of our products, but all 29 salts can always be purchased direct on our site.

Southern Salt

Do you have a favorite variety or product? What should we try first?

Everyone should have our Cooking Salt & Finishing Salt in their pantry. They are the ultimate all-natural replacements for your standard box of kosher or iodized salt. Then, you can experiment with one or two of the flavored or smoked salts. The Black Truffle is amazing with large chunks of truffle, and the only way my kids eat scrambled eggs! The Smoked Mesquite is perfect for that instant BBQ flavor. All the salts have full descriptions and suggested uses on our site.

Do you like to cook? What are some of your favorite dishes to make?

Since having children, I have become very proficient in the kitchen! I wanted them to eat healthy, so I really learned how to cook with only fresh ingredients.   A few of my go to dishes are roasted whole chickens, pan seared salmon, roasted veggies.

How do your kids influence what you like to cook and eat?

My kids really changed how we eat and how I thought about food. When they were infants, I started the move to organic, unrefined, all natural foods. There has been no turning back since!


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