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Everything to Know About Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog can be a wonderful way to fill your home with the unconditional love of an animal in need (just read our series, A Dog's Home).

Of course, bringing a pet into your home is an enormous commitment and is not a decision that should be made lightly. And if you're planning on adopting, there are special considerations that should be made and questions to ask before you take the plunge. To get an expert's opinion on some frequently asked questions about adopting, we reached out to Tiffany Lacey, Executive Director at Animal Haven, who kindly shared with us the below advice.

Our advice if you do decide to adopt? Enroll your new four-legged friend in Dog City, where they'll be trained and coiffed and socialized, so you'll be sure to come home each day to a happy and healthy pup.

What would you say to someone who’s torn between adopting a shelter dog and buying one from a breeder? 

There are so many wonderful dogs available for adoption – all shapes, sizes, breeds and breed mixes.  If you give yourself ample time to visit your local shelters and search online, there really is no need to go to a breeder.  And most importantly, you will be saving a life.

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Ben is one the dogs available to adopt from Animal Haven

What are some common misconceptions about adopting a dog? 

Often people think visiting an animal shelter will be a sad and sometimes even scary experience. But it’s simply not the case at so many shelters around the country like Animal Haven, where the environment for the dogs and potential adopters is purposely made to be a happy and calm experience. You can also adopt via foster rescue groups and never need to go to facility.

Are there warning signs to look out for when adopting a dog? What are they? 

You should always consider all aspects of your life before adopting a dog.  For instance, someone who is a couch potato by nature should avoid a dog who requires a lot of exercise – and vice versa.  Also, if you have children or other animals always pay special attention to dog descriptions to make sure you are making a safe match for your family.

What questions should someone ask the adoption agency if considering adopting a dog? 

Always make sure to find out what the policies are for adopting an animal beforehand so you know what to have on hand. This might include landlord’s approval, references, vet records and/or the entire family meeting the dog.  You should also ask what comes with the adoption fee, which at Animal Haven includes the spay/neuter procedure, vaccinations, microchip and a leash and a collar.  It’s a great idea to understand as much of the process as possible.

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