What to Eat in NYC This August

There's always something good to eat in New York, and this summer especially there are many great restaurants and food-related events to check out. Below, we've rounded up our favorites.

Food on plate, upscale dining, vegetables on plate

Upscale Asian Cuisine Comes to MidtownTwo buzzy new restaurants are opening in the neighborhood this summer, serving up high-end Japanese and Chinese dishes in elegant settings. Read More.

Levain Ice Cream sandwiches, Levain, Levain Bakery, Ice Cream Sandwiches

Levain Ice Cream sandwiches

Levain Bakery - Spotted on the Upper East Side: A new Levain Bakery has opened up with a surprise addition to their menu.

Arthur Ashe Stadium, US Open, Tennis Players, Tennis Match, Tennis Match Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium

U.S. Open - Headed to the U.S. Open this August? Some of the best food in the city is in Queens, and the tournament offers an excellent excuse to go out and try some truly incredible restaurants. Find out where to go

Hudson River Park Blues BBQ, Blues BBQ, Hudson River Blues Fest

Hudson River Park Blues BBQ - The Blues BBQ festival at Pier 97 is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this season. Visit Hudson River Park for free food and an exciting lineup from artists across the United States. 

New York Cocktail Expo 2019, colorful cocktails, colorful cocktails on a bar

New York Cocktail Expo 2019

New York Cocktail Exposition - NY’s premier Cocktail Festival is the annual coming together of cocktail enthusiasts and features tastings of 30-40 craft spirits, cocktails, beer, cider and more.

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