Building Blocks: Brilliant Lobby Chandeliers

Ever wonder about that beautiful coffee table or soothing water feature you walk by everyday in your lobby? As you've probably already guessed, we at Related spend a lot of time designing our buildings and working with some of the top artisans in the world to make them the warm, welcoming refuges you come home to everyday. In our new series, Building Blocks, we highlight a different design feature you may have noticed and wanted to learn more about.

This month, we look at the twinkling chandeliers that illuminate three of your homes in New York – 456 Washington, The Easton and One Hudson Yards.

One Hudson Yards

One Hudson Yards, Couple Walking Into One Hudson Yards, Lobby, Couple Walking in Lobby

The chandelier at One Hudson Yards

359 hand-blown Bohemian crystal elements make up this cloud-like chandelier, which was made using ancient glassblowing techniques. Designed by artist Jana Růžičková, the clear and amber glass components of this fixture have been decorated with silver and bronze mica-flakes, adding texture and dimension. Walk underneath it, and you may get the sense that the fixture – or the light itself – is following you; the sprawling and fractured piece has a real sense of movement and seems to burst into the lobby.

Chandelier, Cloud Chandelier, Chandelier at One Hudson Yards, Glass Chandelier

The chandelier from below

The Easton

The Easton, The Easton Lobby, Lobby with Doorman, Upper East Side Lobby

The Easton chandelier

Dutch designer Frederik Molenschot was inspired by the intensity of car lights in the city for the swirling light fixture at the Easton, called CL-Fatamorgana. Made from patinated and polished bronze and punctuated by golden halos of light, the work is "the metaphorical expression of the incomparable energy of a city where meaning goes off the rails," said Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which represents Molenschot. Certainly, the energetic piece looks poised to take off and fly, making it a wonderful contrast to the otherwise stately interiors of the Easton's lobby.

CL-Fatamorgana, Chandelier, Abstract Chandelier

The CL-Fatamorgana, up-close

456 Washington St. 

456 Washington Street, Lobby at 456 Washington, Lobby with fireplace and chairs, Sleek Lobby

The lobby at 456 Washington

This moveable, flexible piece stretches out like a dancer, granting a soft, soothing light to the seating areas below. Called the Helios Chandelier, the fixture was designed by the artist Stefan Gulassa, whose "honest, transparent designs have a soul of their own," according to Holly Hunt, the head of Holly Hunt Showrooms, which represents him. As an added bonus, the tops of the chandeliers have slats that allow for light to illuminate the ceiling above.

Helios Chandelier, Abstract Chandelier

The Helios Chandelier

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