Our 3 Favorite Reusable Water Bottles

Since the beginning, the Related community has been a leader in sustainability, plastic reduction, and eco-conscious operations. But even the smallest choices can make the biggest impact. Like one reusable water bottle. Read more to find out how you can make the Related difference.

Reducing plastic waste is at the forefront of the global conversation right now. As Starbucks announces its plans to eradicate plastic straws in all of its stores by 2020, more and more businesses are taking steps to protect the planet. However, some businesses were reducing waste before it was trendy. Related Rentals has led in corporate sustainability for decades. With LEED Gold certification, year after year our practices have exceeded the requirements for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The Related Difference

As a market leader in environmentally-conscious real estate development, ensuring sustainable operations is only half the battle. The other is to give residents the tools and information they need to live a green life every day. That suite of services include on-site environmentally preferable dry cleaning and housekeeping services, in-building recycling program, and aligning with eco-conscious partners.

In addition, by encouraging the Related community to use reusable water bottles, we can make an enormous impact in plastic reduction from one tiny decision. One reusable water bottle saves 1,460 plastic water bottles per year. The planet isn’t the only thing being saved – your wallet will thank you too. On average, a water bottle costs $2, which incurs a tab of $3,000 per year. Our favorite water bottle costs $40, which results in a savings of $2,960 a year. Need ideas for how to spend it? Plan a weekend getaway to one of these tropical destinations.

The S’well Bottle

The S’well bottle is different than the rest. It doesn’t just insulate cold water for longer (up to 24 hours!) it keeps hot drinks warm longer (up to 12!). So in addition to reducing plastic water bottle waste, you can say goodbye to paper coffee cups as well. The sleek design, custom personalization options, and BPA-free lining make this a top-of-the-line brand. Keep water ice cold after a yoga session or keep tea warm for a cold sunrise hike, this is the bottle for every lifestyle and occasion. Shop the S’well water bottle here.

The bkr Bottle

These sleek and stylish bottles are fully customizable. They can round out your kids’ back-to-school ensemble or even display your Myers-Briggs personality results! The bkr bottle is as functional as it is fun. Carry the teeny size, (250 ml) the little, (500 ml) up to the 1 L size.  Lastly, you can keep your lips as hydrated as your body with the secret compartment in the bkr lid for the Paris Water Balm! Get the bkr bottle here.

The Miir Bottle

This heavy-duty bottle goes above and beyond the call of duty. With up to a 64 oz capacity, this bottle can accompany you on full-day hikes or marathon shopping sprees alike. The double-walled vacuum insulation feature and ergonomic grips make these bottles a great investment in your health and the future of our planet. Shop the Miir bottle here.

We want to see your sustainability practices! Tag us in your photos of you with your reusable water bottle for a chance to appear on our platforms. On behalf of the Related community – and the future of our planet – we thank you.

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