Our Favorite Beach Reads This Summer

Looking for this summer’s best beach reads? Look no further. We’ve put together our favorites – from Pulitzer-winning novels to fast-paced mysteries, the books on this list will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

There is no feeling like being on the beach with your toes in the sand, some tropical drink with an umbrella next to you, and a good book in your hand. And while the term “beach reads” generally does not equate to high-quality literature, the books we’ve hand-picked are both compulsively readable and worth your time. Your presence at a beach is not required to enjoy these reads, you could be on a long layover on your way to jet-setting to an exotic location. Either way, these fast-paced, satisfying reads will likely be consumed before you’re ready for your next drink (umbrella optional).


Can’t make it to Morocco this summer? Pick up this book instead – it’s cheaper than a flight anyway! Two ex-roommates, Lucy and Alice, reunite in Tangier, Morocco and try to repair old wounds. Soon, however, Alice feels the familiar suffocation from Lucy’s controlling nature and possessiveness. When Alice’s new husband goes missing, there is only one person Alice suspects. Get it here.

The Pisces

Melissa Broder’s latest novel has it all: Tinder excursions, Venice Beach, and an affair of the heart that defies logic (because those are really the best kind). When Lucy, our protagonist and masters student well-versed in Greek Mythology, falls for a man who cannot possibly be hers, she finds herself caught in between two worlds and questions everything about love, life, and the possibility of happiness. Get it here.

Feel Free

For those who have read White Teeth or On Beauty, Zadie Smith knows how to deliver a memorable book. This collection of essays explore topics like motherhood, social media, and fate of our planet. Her essays “Joy” and “Find Your Beach” have been hailed as instant classics, with each story unfolding with its own twists, turns, and insights from one of the greatest writers of our time. Get it here.

The Futures

Like any New York story, this one is about love. When Julia and Evan move to Manhattan, Evan lands a high-profile job at a hedge-fund. As time passes Julia feels increasingly isolated from Evan’s life and work, and as the economy takes a nose-dive in 2008, she grows suspicious of his secretive deals and long hours. Will New York break them? Or will the city give them their only hope to survive. This debut will leave you breathless. Get it here.


This Pulitzer-winning novel isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Arthur Less, a failing novelist closing in on his 50th birthday, panics when a wedding invitation (from an ex-lover) arrives in the mail. He rashly accepts numerous invites to literary events around the globe: Mexico City, Italy, India, Germany, in an effort to stay busy while his ex marries another. Although, like anything we run from, the truth eventually catches up with him, and ends in a shocking finale you need to read to believe. Get it here.

Whether you bring our top picks to the beach or stay in the comfort of your gorgeous Related home and read to transport yourself to another place – these books will hold your attention until the last page. Pro tip: if you’d still like to read while you work on your tan, head upstairs to your rooftop lounge! And make sure to tag us in your favorite finds.

Happy Reading!

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