Easy Closet Tricks for an Organized Year

Start the year off right with a well organized closet!

One of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 is to get organized! A simple place to start is the closet. We asked Fitz lead stylist, Jacquelyn B. to share 3 quick ways to help us get organized and stay stylish in the new year. Check out her advice below!


Meet Stylist, Jacquelyn B!

Jacquelyn B. is a Fitz Lead Stylist. Before becoming a freelance Stylist, she worked at Tom Ford and Marie Claire Magazine.


Tips from Jacquelyn:

1. Color Coordinate!

For the New Year give yourself an aesthetically pleasing closet. Color coordinating will not only look amazing, it will also help you see all of your clothes in the same category, which sparks more creativity when you get dressed! Your closet will be a fun and inviting place for you to come and create great looks that allow you to feel your best!


2. Flip the hanger!

If you’re hesitant to do a big clear out of your closet, a great trick to try first is to look through your closet and turn the hanger the opposite way if you haven’t worn the piece at all the year before. In 6 months, for the hangers that are still flipped, it’s time for those pieces to GO. That will give you the chance to clear out some pieces, making room for new ones to finish out 2018 with!


3. Matching Hangers!

This tip is one that is not only visually beautiful, but also very helpful for maintaining a neat and organized closet. The velvet non-slip hangers [containerstore.com] are thin and space saving, ideal for smaller spaces. The non-slip feature keeps your clothes off the floor and in their place, keeping your floor clean and clutter free. Also, the velvet is gentle on the fabric of the clothes, preventing pulls and creasing. Treat your closet to a hanger upgrade in 2018!

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