Designer Picks: NYC Antique Hunting

Homepolish designer Marissa Bero is a self-proclaimed antique hunter, and the rooms she designs prove it. See her top sources for rare finds in New York.

Great design is all about creating interesting juxtapositions. Every era offers something unique in the realm of design and yes, you can mix and match modern aesthetic with antique finds. In fact, I highly encourage it. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Aren’t antique and vintage finds expensive??” In my experience, you can often find a quality piece at a better price when antiquing. The same goes for thrifting, as our designer Megan Hopp pointed out.

Beyond price, antique and vintage finds add soul to a space. It’s the number one reason why I incorporate them into every project. New is not necessarily better with design. When everything in a room is brand new, it can feel more like a showroom and less like a home. Antiquing also affords the opportunity to find the perfect piece to express your taste and aesthetic. However, I recognize that the “thrill of the hunt” may not be there for everyone. The “thrill” can be more like dread. Well, I’m here to help! Click through for my go-to’s for vintage and antique shopping in NYC that will take your space from indifferent to intriguing.

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