The Art Of Refining Your Closet

Transforming your closet is easier than you think. Find out the simplest ways to eliminate clutter, create space, and breathe new life into your storage methods just in time for fall. Introducing The Art of Refining Your Closet in partnership with California Closets and Imagine It Done, from our Related Speaker Series collection.

An organized, uncluttered home is in many ways a lifestyle. We were inspired by our partnership with California Closets to bring this concept to life. Earlier this month we hosted a speaker series entitled “The Art of Refining Your Closet” led by industry experts to share tips about organizing and personalizing your space at home to make it all your own. Michael Toccin moderated the evening as Lisa Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Imagine It Done spoke to the art of simplifying your closet:

“An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”  – Lisa Jacobs

Whether you are personalizing, editing, categorizing, or containing, read below for Lisa’s tips to achieving an organized and refined space as we transition into the fall season.

Start by thinking about your dislikes (rather than what you desire). This will help rule out and allow you to declutter what you don’t need in your life. This process also informs your personal style and which pieces you should build a wardrobe around. Don’t hold back from showcasing and displaying your most valuable and prized accessories – even if it’s just for you. Ditch the shoe boxes and handbag dusters and put your items on display as a reflection of your personal style.

If you need additional storage, accessories can solve most problems. We recommend shelf risers to add more shelf storage. Acrylic drawers can house and protect small accessories like gloves and scarves. If a bin is clear acrylic, these can be stacked to economize space. And shelf dividers are a must to contain and showcase both decorative and functional accessories.

Edit your space diligently, knowing that once items are placed in storage, it is unlikely you will revisit them. You can hold onto a few sentimental items such as heirlooms or items that have meaning but other than that, purge, purge, purge! Remember, donating items is always a great option. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

When you edit, procrastination will set you back and interfere with your decision-making abilities, so begin deliberately. If items are going into storage, plastic airtight bins are the most sensible option, and marking and labeling by category will keep you organized for the long-term.

Categorizing is key. Start this process as each season draws to a close. Structure your process so as you categorize, you can edit as well. Although categorization by color is a popular trend, when items are placed together by color it makes it more difficult to differentiate. While it may look attractive from a merchandising standpoint, color categorization will not allow you to maximize function.

Lead with categorizing by item, then by season. For example: t-shirts are all-season, shoes can be seasonal. We recommend you work with a friend or expert to help you as a second opinion. This will keep you on-track and in-check!

Seasonal items can take up valuable space. In the winter, place swimwear in decorative bins on upper shelves. Place sandals in open bins on the floor of your closet to make way for winter boots.

Once you have personalized, edited, and categorized, you are ready to start building your organized space by containing. The essential accessories you need to create an organized and contained space include decorative bins, hangers (we love these), hooks, inserts, and zip-cases that can lie flat.

Size and category of your items are also essential to determining what type of bin is used. Stack large Ziplock bags (great for clothing storage) to maximize space. Use hard plastic bins for documents, memorabilia, and small items.

The most important advice during this step is that you must take part in the organization process  (even if you work with an expert) in order to absorb tips you learn through the process. This way, you will have the confidence to maintain your new, organized lifestyle.

Thank you to our partners: Be Mixed, Deep Eddy Vodka, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Stylist to a T.

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