A Definitive Guide To Using Texture to Decorate Your Home

Our guide to bringing your home style to life.

Patterns, colors, materials and textiles in your space can transform a flat space into a warm and inviting one, welcoming to you and to your guests. Below, our guide to our favorite luxurious fabrics you can use to give your home a boost.


Banarsi Designs
Banarsi Designs

Give your space the royal treatment with this luxurious fabric. A plus throw pillow or ottoman, even a statement chair, softens the feel of any space and looks fabulous in bold colors.


Throw your minimalist tendencies to the wind with these floor-to-ceiling library displays. Books are a great way to bring texture and life to rooms. When it’s not promoting sophistication, the bookcase offers diverting reading.

Light Fixtures

Home Remodel

A bold light fixture is the instant cure to a space with high ceilings and bare walls. Not only does it provide a rather essential function, it can set the style tone for the room. Modern, extravagant, industrial, the fixture presides above all other style assets.


An extra glint can separates ordinary rooms from extraordinary ones. Metallic touches provide texture by catching the light and injecting style into large spaces. As a bonus, metallic accessories like vases and mirrors are relatively easy to find, and won’t have you digging through vintage shops all day.



Fur, or faux fur, shown here, gives every room an instant style update. During summer months, it’s a cosmetic touch. But in the winter months you’ll thank yourself for adding this texture. Just add a fire and a cup of cocoa, and you have one cozy room.



Rattan is an easy way to liven up a space. Not only does it offer a rainbow of colors and patterns, it can bring a bohemian feel to a space that beautifully plays against other styles.

Layered Rugs

Becki Owens

When it comes to rugs, don’t skimp. Doubling up gives an extra cushion (both stylistically and literally) to your room. You can also skew the rugs to play with angles and custom fit it to your space.



Greenery brings color and texture to your space. Opting for floor plants that tickle the ceilings can make rooms feel larger than they are. Bonus: certain species improve your zzz’s.

Wherever you fall on the minimalism spectrum, we would love to see the way you decorate your home. Tag @related_rentals for a chance to feature your style on our platforms!

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