9 Ways To Use Yellow As An Accent Color

Brighten up your home with the season’s trendiest accent color. From statement rugs to woven baskets, these are our favorite pieces to elevate the style and mood in any room.

Sunshine. Lemons. Daffodils. Yellow is a cheerful, happy color. It sparks creativity and instills optimism and energy. Using yellow as an accent color in your home enhances the effects of natural light and make spaces feel brighter. Shades varying from lemon yellow to deep mustard are a stylish addition to your decor and create a warm, welcoming space – no matter the season.

Using a bold accent color can be a little intimidating. Before you take the plunge with an accent wall, try a smaller accent piece. Here are our favorite yellow pops of color to cheer up your home.

Tamatoa Nut Bowl

These handmade porcelain bowls are perfect for entertaining. Dazzle your guests with finger foods and snacks served in this cheerful and artistics dishes. When your guests ask where they can find them, direct them here.

Acapulco Lounge Chair

At a resort in Mexico? Guess again. Bring south of the border touches to your home with these stylish and comfortable accent chairs. Get them right here.

Vintage Italian Mirrors

Gaze into a happier reflection with these antique, handmade mirrors. The set can be hung together or across the room to tie in the color. Plus, what’s better than one antique Italian mirror? Two. Get them here.

Yellow Form Wall Art

Artist Emma Lawrenson’s abstract creations allow you to turn your living room into a curated gallery wall. Backdrops like deep teal or light gray allow the yellow to really pop. Get it here.

La Jolla Basket

Bring the beach indoors with these handmade woven baskets. Made with seagrass and recycled plastic, these are perfect to store toys, throws, or even elevate your laundry basket. Shop it here.

Make Lemonade Kitchen Towel

When life hands you lemons, go buy these towels. Upgrade your kitchen with these cheerful and functional towels from Kate Spade. Perfect for cleaning up spills, especially lemonade. Get them here.

Euphemia Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback. Jump on the trend with this whimsical, airy wallpaper. Pro Tip: if you choose a patterned wallpaper, keep the rest of the room outfitted with simple, basic pieces. Dress up your walls here.

Suzani Area Rug

Rugs don’t just tie the room together, they dictate the style and the feel of any space. Subtle hints of yellow give a lift to this hand-knotted rug so you can add a touch of yellow, without being too bold. Shop it here.

White Grapefruit Cabana Candle

Evoke poolside relaxation with this refreshing, energizing candle. The cheerful yellow votive doesn’t just improve the look of any room, it will make it smell incredible too. Get it here.

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