6 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Super Bowl Party at Home

Prepare to wow your guests with a few easy upgrades to the classic game-day party.

You’ve decided to host a Super Bowl party for the Rams-Patriots battle on February 3, but want to do something more special than ordering pizza and a case of beer. With a few simple touches, you can elevate your gathering and make the food, drinks, decor, and activities stand out.


Festive Food

There’s a million directions you could go for your Super Bowl menu, but we like the idea of a cohesive theme. For something a little different than usual that won’t tick off any Rams or Patriots superfans, why not let Atlanta, the neutral location of Super Bowl LIII, guide the direction. The city loves barbecue, so order from a BBQ restaurant (Eater has some suggestions for NYC dwellers), or build a menu around Southern favorite fried chicken (we’re looking at you, Fuku).


Themed Drinks

You could have a lot of fun making a drink inspired by each team. Instead of using the colors or mascots as your inspiration—which could lead to something cheesy (no food coloring, please!)—find a cocktail that’s tied to Los Angeles or Boston, where the teams are based. We’d go for a Moscow Mule, which was invented in L.A. in 1941, or the simple Boston Cooler. You could also consider ordering a selection of craft beer produced in both regions. Having some Champagne on hand for a post-game celebration is a nice idea, too.


Solid Seating

If you’re hosting a group, you need to make sure you have enough seating for everyone. We like poufs because they are more comfortable to sit on than a floor pillow, and CB2 has plenty of options. These affordable stacking stools from Bed Bath & Beyond are a helpful backup plan; you should always have a few in your closet just in case.


Excellent Accessories

Don’t forget the details. Now’s a good time to make sure you have enough blankets and throws to go around (it is winter, after all) and plenty of unscented candles that won’t irritate guests. A large ice tub, like this one from Crate & Barrel, is always a good investment. We also like stocking up on some plants from the Sill before guests arrive for a fresh touch.


Disposable Plates

After feeding so many guests, washing dishes at the end of the night is the last thing you’ll want to do. There are lots of pretty disposable plates and cups on the market now, but if you have any Rams fans in your group, this blue-and-gold set by Trendables is a winner. We’re also partial to metallic cutlery. For a simple compostable option, these plates from Fallen Leaves are a great thing to keep in stock.


Super Bowl Squares

This simple party game adds a bit of interaction to your event. You can print out or make 10 by 10 grids and follow these instructions on how to play. The best part is that no previous skill or knowledge of football is required, so it’s a nice way to get everyone involved and excited about the game.

What are your Super Bowl plans? Show us how you’re watching the game at home by tagging us on Instagram at @related_rentals.

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