5 Ways To Transform Your Master Bath Into a Spa

Dreaming of your own secluded retreat where you can unwind and relax? Curate your master bath to become your own personal spa with these five simple steps. Grab your body brush and some bath salts, it’s time to transform your bathroom into a luxury resort.

Small changes can make a big impact on the aesthetic and feel of your space. Elevating your bathroom from a functional area to a dreamy, luxury escape is simpler than you think. Follow our steps for curating a resort-like experience in your master bathroom, and enjoy a spa night without leaving your home. All you need to add is a glass of wine.

Setting The Mood Is Essential

Essential oils instantly invoke a sense of calm, especially relaxing scents like lavender and rosemary. Proven to help improve sleep cycle, a long soak in a scented bath is sure to put you into a deep sleep. Get crafty and make your own easy bath salts or buy salts from the Dead Sea here.

Invest In Entertainment

How did people enjoy baths before this? Rest this wooden caddy across your tub to hold your favorite books, cups of tea, and aromatherapy candles. Warning: you may never want to leave the bath. If you’re ready to risk pruned fingers and luxurious soaks, shop the sustainable wood bathtub tray from Peg & Awl here.

Upgrade Your Shower 

At your local farmer’s market or flower shop, you can purchase one of the most versatile plants: Eucalyptus. Tie it to your shower head to enjoy a healing, herbal steam when you shower. Eucalyptus releases properties that boost immunity, fight cold and congestion, and give your skin a natural glow.

Give Your Feet The Royal Treatment

Most of us don’t give our bath mats a second thought, but that’s a mistake. There is a world of difference between plush, ultra-soft memory foam mats and the ones you just bought because they matched your towels. Trust us, your soles will thank you. Shop our favorite bath rug here.

Brush Up On Your Self-Care

Body brushes improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and help banish cellulite for good. Plus, they feel incredible. Give yourself a post-bath, pre-shower brush on dry skin. Make long, sweeping movements towards the heart to increase blood flow. Nightly use leaves your skin polished, exfoliated, and positively glowing. Shop our favorite body brush here.

If you decide to give your master bath the spa treatment, tag us in your photos! We’d love to feature your luxury resort on one of our social platforms.

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