4 Stylish Ways To Give Your Space A Green Boost

From chic wall mounts to woven baskets, this is everything you need to know about boosting your space with elegance, style, and a touch of green.

There’s no denying it: plants are en vogue. We’ve seen splashes of green everywhere from Instagram to Good Housekeeping and the movement has launched a thousand hashtags. While the health benefits alone are enough to have us filling our Amazon cart, there’s another not-so-secret benefit. These lush accent pieces add elegance, complexity, and texture and give an instant refresher to your home.

When considering a green boost, there are a few different methods. You can go for height with tall, glorious floor plants. You can opt for a wall mount to add depth. You can hang them high to make your space feel larger. And lastly, if you travel often or have a brown thumb, you can buy gorgeous, stylish fake plants (and no one will know the difference).

Floor Plants

There are so many varietals that add drama and style, it’s hard to choose! Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Mixing species like Cactus and Fern gives any room a look of elegance and sophistication (while not pigeonholing your decor)! A few more of our favorites are: Ficus Bonsai, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Calathea and Paradise Palm. Remember, a plant is only as beautiful as the basket it’s held in! Shop our favorite here.

Wall-Mounted Greenery

Save money on art and cover your walls in oxygen-boosting plants! A great plant for this is Devil’s Ivy, which has a devilish tendency to cover everything in sight. There are so many sophisticated options for wall-mounting your plants, and they’re so low maintenance. Shown below is one of our favorite modern styles from Etsy, and check out these chic ceramic mounts from West Elm too.

Hanging Plants

High ceilings or low ceilings, hanging plants will give the illusion of much more space. You can move them away from the walls, closer to the center of the room for added depth. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, arrange them around a light fixture like a chandelier. Our favorites are these elegant brass beauties that can hold succulents, dangling ivy, or anything else you choose.

Faux (But Authentic)

Just because you don’t have the time to care for a house plant doesn’t mean you should be deprived their beauty. Fake plants retain their color and never wilt so you can go off on extended tropical vacations without a worry in the world. Take this stunning Philodendron (pictured below) – it’s so beautiful, no one will even care if it’s fake. Shop it here.

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