4 Simple And Elegant Dinner Party Ideas

Throwing an unforgettable dinner party doesn’t require weeks of planning. With these simple, stylish design tips, you can host a wonderful evening for your guests – without the hassle.

There are many universal truths about dinner parties. The guests will arrive early, the dishes will pile in the sink, people will likely fill up on appetizers. That’s the nature of a dinner party. But at the end of the night, guests either leave buzzing on the energy of the night, or they don’t. The difference is in the details.

Create a central zone

Guests gravitate towards the kitchen anyways, so give them something to circle around! A gorgeous cheese board or a handful of snacks in cute bowls will bring all your guests to one destination. Arrange the bar cart or designate a section of the kitchen island for drinks so guests feel free to make their own. (That also takes the pressure off of you!)

Get personal

Custom touches go a long way. Find a simple, stylish way to make place cards for your guests. It can be as simple as a card tied into a simple green stem, as shown here. For parties where many guests don’t know each other, you can add icebreakers on their name card for them to ask their neighbor. Gestures like these show your guests how intentional you were with planning the evening and make them feel more at home.

Choose a theme

Depending on the evening, the theme can be overt or subtle. Yes, if it’s a Cinco de Mayo party, there will probably be more themed decorations than a regular Saturday evening. When choosing a theme, it can be as simple as selecting a color or a texture. If you use a burlap table runner, find ways to repurpose the same textile (maybe to tie the name cards?) as a way of bringing glamour and consistency to the evening.

Relax in the living room

Although most dinner parties exist between the kitchen and dining room, the living room is a great space to utilize at the end of the meal. Serve desserts like macarons or individual chocolates so guests can help themselves without fumbling with a plate and fork. To end the night on a memorable note, serve digestifs in fancy glasses (like these unique tumblers!) and toast to an unforgettable evening.

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