– September 21, 2017

4 Upscale Training Camps

Kickstart summer sports season with in-depth programs at these luxurious spots.

We’re this close to officially kicking off the start of summer, but there’s still time master your warm weather sport of choice. Whether you’re looking to take on a bike race, become a proficient surfer before your beach house begins, or master your backhand, there are a number of luxury resorts that specifically cater to those whose fitness goals outweigh their wanderlust. And although these destinations do offer some relaxing moments, the main reason for attending is to lock in huge days of training. Here’s where you can act like a professional athlete for a few days.



Visitors are whisked via private shuttle from San Jose to Dominical, a popular surf town in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. You’ll check into any number of ocean-view rooms and suites in a jungle mansion, then head out in small groups (from novice to advanced) to partake in 4-hour surf sessions. Offshore, you’ll be able to view your progress via video analysis and feedback, and enjoy a massage or Pilates. No need to haul your board across time zones; equipment (along with sunblock) is provided.

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